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"Andrea was so nice and helped educate me on everything I needed to know to keep my puppy safe and healthy. Two years later, I’m still as happy as can be with my best friend travel buddy, Teddy Roosevelt and Andrea still reaches out and says hello to me and teddy. From a 1-10, I give them an 11!"
K.D. Florida
Hannah's son, Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy)
"Grady, one of Morgan's Point Ranch Doodles, is the best dog we've ever owned. He is loyal. He is so well behaved. He has the best disposition of any dog I know. We love him SO much, and we love our story of him adopting us when we went to the Ranch to put a deposit on another puppy and he was there looking for a family to love. He is the best. We LOVE Jim and Andrea too. Grady is 2 now and even still if we have questions or need help, they are supportive."
M.G. Washington
Hannah's son, Grady
"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Sammy. He is the most loving dog. Loves to snuggle. Loves the ball brought it back the second time I threw it for him about a month after I brought him home. Carries the ball back to the car from the dog park each day. Does great with command find. Loves being off leash. Did chase some elk but did come back. Very playful and at times a little wacky. Great choice even if we need to work on manners with guests. "
S.O. Washington
Hannah's brother, Sammy
"We have Merida who is the sweetest and so smart! She was so easy to train. She loves to prance around, play with our Red Pointing Lab or cats (yes they get along and play), and follow us around the house to help. And no shedding."
D.F. Washington
Hannah's daughter, Merida


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