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Jim & Andrea Morgan are a pillar of strength in the evolving world of hunting, sporting and family labradoodles, preserving the best of both poodle and pointing lab bloodlines and melding them together to create a unique product unlike any other. Their legacy began over 2 decades ago when they founded Morgan’s Point Ranch, in 2002, one of the most trusted and renown pointing lab programs in the U.S.

In 2016, they began questioning how they could improve upon their already perfect red pointing lab program. They discovered the hunting poodle and fell in love with their athleticism, hunting prowess and intelligence. Additionally, they were drawn to their allergy friendly and shedless coats.

jim and andrea

Creating the "Northwest Sporting Doodle"

They had met and worked with labradoodles in the past, and they had noted that the labradoodle industry had been saturated with backyard-bred labradoodles with little to no health testing and no reputable lineage.

The Morgan family saw an opportunity to pioneer the first pointing lab and hunting poodle-derived labradoodle, combining some of the biggest names in the pointing lab world with the positive attributes of a hunting poodle… and it worked! They took their very best pointing lab bloodline and combined it with a well-bred poodle from sporting and hunting lineage. The result was a litter of F1 labradoodles with unparalleled intelligence, kind demeanor, bidability, and hunting drive for both upland and waterfowl. Their first labradoodle, Huntin’ Hannah, became the matriarch of their hunting doodle program and favorite all around hunting buddy and companion of both Jim and Andrea.

Analyzing pedigrees and genetic traits via DNA testing, constant continuing education to keep up with the latest breeding practices, pairing dogs accordingly, training hunting dogs, caring for a kennel facility, raising game birds, maintaining 32 acres of training grounds, and rearing happy healthy puppies is a 24/7 job that Jim and Andrea are uniquely qualified for.

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Jim's Bird Dog Training begins

Jim found his passion for hunting dogs and bird hunting as a 14-year old boy when he started hanging out at a local dog trainers helping him with kennel cleaning and upland dog training. During this time he acquired his own German Short Hair and started bird hunting with his older brother and any adult he could convince to take him and his dog to Eastern Washington for upland or to the Puget Sound for waterfowl. His mother would often drop him off to hunt the Kent Valley not too far from their family farm in Renton, Washington. Additionally, Jim and his four brothers began raising pigeons, exotic and domestic pheasants, sea ducks, parrots and various falcons for conservation programs and zoos across the country.
Jim worked his way through college as an EKG technician. He became a registered nurse and started his career saving lives at a busy hospital in Seattle, WA. Shortly thereafter, he met Andrea, also a registered nurse, and they fell in love. In 1991, they got married and moved from Western Washington to Eastern Washington with their healthcare careers. In 1992, they purchased and started developing the land where Morgan’s Point Ranch is now.

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Morgan's Point Ranch is born

Andrea found her passion not only caring for people but caring for animals alongside Jim. In 2002, they added their first red pointing lab puppy, Strawberry, to the family. She complimented Jim’s and Andrea’s bird hunting hobbies perfectly, yet was sweet and gentle enough to live alongside their young daughter, Macy. Strawberry’s athleticism, intelligence and loyalty captivated them and they started their own pointing lab program: Morgan’s Point Ranch.
In 2016, they pioneered and added their Hunting Labradoodle bloodline, with the foundation of their Red Pointing Labs. The Morgan’s spent countless sleepless nights caring for newborn puppies and years of designing infrastructure to keep their dogs happy and healthy. They built their home and property around their dogs and designed every corner of the home to perfectly accommodate their in-house puppy whelping practices. The Morgan’s put their heart and soul into delivering their clients the absolute best, and it’s evident by their long list of testimonials. In the end, the Morgan family’s #1 priority is to leave a lasting legacy of good dogs for the discerning sportsperson and their family.

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