Morgan's Point Ranch

Bird Dog Training Program

Upland and Waterfowl Training

For dogs from our breeding only

Here at Morgan’s Point Ranch, we love to work with our own dog offspring and their owners (from our breeding program only) on bird dog training!
Prior to more advanced bird dog training, your dog from us should be at least 6 months of age (each dog is different), and have already learned basic obedience and crate training with you.

Hunting labradoodle bird dog with trainer

Hunting Dog Training Program Details

Each dog and client are different as to what your needs will be, type of hunting, and how advanced the dog may or may not already be. After talking extensively to you and evaluation of your dog, our program will be custom made to fit your needs.

We typically only take dogs which have originated from us, and we will typically only take in a max of 4 dogs for our month long program. We only train in the Spring and Summer months. While with us, your dog will be treated like our own, and will be housed, depending on the dog, between the crate, house, and our indoor/outdoor kennel system. We ask that prior to leaving your dog here with us for any amount of time that they are comfortable in a crate.

We also will send a health questionnaire for you to fill out and return to us prior to your dog arriving here. Please make sure they are up to date on deworming and vaccinations, to include Bordetella and Rabies. We will need a copy of vaccinations from your veterinarian. Because it is tick season here, we ask that you start your dog on a tick preventative either oral or topical (ie: Frontline), prior to arriving. Please provide enough of your dog’s food and feeding instructions to last for the duration of his time with us. Safety and comfort are extremely important to us.

We have beautiful training grounds, ponds and a small river for the perfect training scenarios. We also have our own homing pigeons, and other game birds at our disposal in order to get your dog exposed to birds, birds, birds! We use Dogtra bird launchers, Zinger Wingers, DT dummy launcher, and Dogtra collars.

compass for bird hunting dogs

Bird dog training with owners

 It is important to us that you become familiar with how we are training and working with your dog, in order for you and the dog to be successful.

For those that are motivated we also offer one on one training sessions with you and your dog. Some people will opt to come here with their canine hunting companion for a few days to a week. We charge by the hour for these one on one training sessions, plus the cost of any birds.

Contact Jim directly at 509-939-7217 for our dog training pricing details. He is available over the phone to help you with your bird dog training needs. If you do not reach him directly, then call Andrea at 509-993-6603.

hunting labradoodle bird dog

Bird dog training videos with Jim

What to expect from our Hunting Dog Training Program

Setting you and your dog up for success

Tips to work on before your bird dog training session

  1. Socialize, Socialize, Socialize
  2. Please don’t introduce your puppy to gun fire, this is our job and we have a specific way we
    do it. We associate gun fire to birds.
  3. When your puppy retrieves your favorite shoes, don’t get mad, find a favorite toy and swap with them. When they have the toy in their mouth, love them up. This tells them that they get more love with the right thing and it doesn’t deter the retrieving aspect of the hunting game.
  4. Whoa – a great way to get your puppy under control is use the word “WHOA” (meaning stand on 4 feet don’t move). When putting your dog’s food down for them, hold them back with the food in their line of sight, tell them Whoa, wait a few seconds (vary the time), and then release them to eat. Dogs learn from repetition. This also establishes you as the Alpha of the pack, second it is a valuable tool for getting them under control if they running towards a dangerous situation. This command, started early in life, gets the dog to listen to you, it also helps us out when we are working with them on training and cuts down the amount of time we spend on the basics which allows us to get down to the nitty gritty of bird hunting.
  5. Don’t forget to use the recall whistle which we introduced to your puppy when they were
    here as babies!
  6. A positive relationship between you and your dog and us and your dog is the key to success!

Interested in our bird dog training program?

We look forward to seeing you and your dog from us back here at Morgan’s Point Ranch and
we greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and our own dog offspring! Please don’t hesitate to call us.

Jim and Andrea Morgan

509-939-7217 — Jim (training related questions)
509-993-6603 — Andrea (everything else)