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The Best Bird Dog Breed

At Northwest Sporting Doodles, Our desire is to produce well bred, high caliber, sporting/hunting, low to no shedding, healthy family labradoodles. With our hunting doodle puppies, you get the benefit of our more than 45 years worth of experience breeding, handling, and training hunting bird dogs.

We know our pedigrees and bloodlines, we DNA test all of our labradoodle puppies, our parents are health tested, and they hunt or have a sporting lifestyle and hunting background! These hunting doodles originate from lines of active sporting and hunting standard poodles and our own Morgan’s Red Pointing Labs

the best bird dog breed northwest sporting doodles

Available Labradoodle Puppies

hunting doodle litter puppies for sale

The Reba X Rojo litter of F1B Labradoodles has arrived!

We welcomed in 12 new labradoodle puppies, 7 girls and 5 boys, born on March 9, 2024! They will be ready to go home around the first weekend of May 2024. Just in time for summer puppy training! See pictures below for available pups in this litter. Contact us for more information on this fantastic repeat breeding! 509-993-6603

NW Sporting Doodles

Best Labradoodle Puppies

Our labradoodle breeding program based in Washington produces well bred, high caliber sporting/hunting, low to no shedding, healthy family labradoodles that are accessible to those individuals that are as intentional with their research as we are with our breeding program. We know our pedigrees and bloodlines, we DNA test all of our puppies, our parents are health tested and they hunt or have a sporting lifestyle and / or hunting background. These Hunting Doodles originate from our own Morgan’s Red Pointing Labs. After you have filled out our application, we like to talk with you on the phone to learn more about you and what you are looking for in a canine companion!

Our pricing can vary based on litter and age. Please contact us to get accurate price.

Multigeneration labradoodles: (F1B and more, most common)--


F-1 labradoodles: (half pointing lab and half standard poodle,
very occassional litters for our foundation)--


We offer a $200 discount to veterans, first responders, and health care, thank you for your service! We love to work with you!

What does your Northwest Sporting Doodle puppy come with?

Your puppy will have the best of care from the very beginning, including: early neuro stimulation and handling, exposure to lots of common situations, introduction to birds at around 6 weeks, puppy walks and retrieving at 7 weeks, recall whistle training on food, introduction to potty training and basic grooming. Owner & Trainer, Jim Morgan, also offers phone consultations for bird dog training tips.

Started Hunting Puppies

Older pups with some training

Every so often we keep a puppy to work with and sell him/her as a started labradoodle puppy. These puppies have been well socialized with people and other animals. They have been started on retrieving bumpers, dead and live birds, daily puppy walks, basic commands, and crate training. 
These puppies are typically not “trained” yet, they are started and well on their way to whichever training program you choose to use. Our price will reflect the time, health maintenance and experiences put into each started puppy, which varies depending on age of the puppy.

Available Started Hunting Labradoodles

Update: Sorry, we don't currently have any started pups available. Please check back with us from time to time or see our upcoming Labradoodle litters available for deposit below.

Upcoming Hunting Doodle Puppy Litters

Available for Reservation Deposits

Reba X Rojo

Spring 2024 Litter

labradoodle bird dog hunting ducks reba nw sporting doodles
hunting labradoodle breeder rojo

Due: Born March 9, 2024

Generation: F1B Labradoodle

Expected Size: 50-60 pounds

Expected Color: red, apricot

Maple X Rojo

Fall/Winter 2024 Litter

hunting labradoodle breeding dog
hunting labradoodle breeder rojo

Due: unknown

Generation: F1B Labradoodle

Expected Size: 50-60 pounds

Expected Color: red, apricot

Hunt'n Heidi X Orion

Winter/Spring 2025 Litter

hunting labradoodle breeding dog heidi northwest sporting doodles
Hunt'n Heidi
hunting labradoodle bird dog 6 orion of nw sporting doodles

Due: unknown

Generation: F2B (multi-generation) This breeding will have 2 separate pointing lab labradoodle lines bred back to each other. Low to no shedding, sweet, smart, and high hunt drive.

Expected Size: 50-60 pounds

Expected Color: apricot, browns, black, grays, white, speckling

Reba x Rojo

Spring/Summer 2025 Litter

labradoodle bird dog hunting ducks reba nw sporting doodles
hunting labradoodle breeder rojo

Due: unknown

Generation: F1B Labradoodle

Expected Size: 50-60 pounds

Expected Color: red, apricot

Join our waiting list

Our Labradoodle litters are typically deposited on before being born, inquire now to get on our list! Get started now by filling out our simple, online puppy application.

Follow us on Facebook for litter updates and photos or see our updates page here. Contact us with any questions.

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Hunting Companion & Best Friend

Choosing your Sporting Doodle

Since we are around the puppies from birth to when they go home with you, we have had great success helping new owners pick their labradoodle puppies based upon traits desired and type of lifestyle of new families. We ask these questions in our puppy application then discuss them in our phone conversation to help us match you to the best dog for you. (Read about the success of these matches in our owners testimonials.)

On your application and deposit, please indicate if you would like a male or female doodle puppy and if you are flexible on gender. You may switch gender later, but only behind other depositors on the list. We match pups in the order of deposit.

Note: We may reserve first pick of each litter and gender for ourselves 

compass for bird hunting dogs

How Deposits Work:

A $500 deposit is required to reserve your puppy. Once we have received your puppy application and visited over the phone, you can send your deposit, payable to Morgan’s Point Ranch, to our address here. This will go towards the full balance, which is due upon pick up. (The balance, plus 7.6% sales tax, can be paid by cash, cashier’s check or credit card at time of pick up). Note: We are able to process a credit/ debit card over the phone or in person for a 3% fee.

It is important that you are sure and ready for a puppy. Your deposit is your commitment, and is only refundable if we do not produce a puppy for you. If a puppy from the litter of your choosing is not produced, then you may move your deposit to another breeding, or you may receive a refund of your deposit.

Note on Breeding Rights:

We do not sell our Sporting Doodles with breeding rights except to very few other breeders, by special agreement. Your honesty and respect for our labradoodle breeding program is much appreciated! That being said if you are interested in being part of our K-9 Partners breeding/guardian home program, please contact us for more information.

Bringing Home Your Hunting Doodle Puppy

Important notes & Details

Going home date:  We will set the going home date once they are fully weaned from mom (typically at 8 weeks).

Preparation:  Please arrange a well puppy visit to your veterinarian within 5 days of receiving the puppy from us. (Your health guarantee depends on doing this well puppy visit to your veterinarian within 5 days of receiving the puppy from us).

Transportation: Many people opt to drive to us to pick up their puppy, or fly out and rent a car to drive home.

  • It will be up to you to research which airlines are flying into Spokane International Airport from your location, and if they allow carry on puppies (oftentimes for a small fee you can travel with your puppy in a soft sided kennel)… you will need to check that airline’s particular age requirements and rules to fly.
  • We are willing to meet our puppy owners at the airport with their puppy if you are flying in (we are about 1.5 hours from Spokane International Airport, GEG.)
  • If you choose to fly the puppy via first class pet cargo after 8 weeks of age, then we will need the balance plus the cost to fly the puppy to you just prior to shipping. (We will work with you to choose the best flight and airline to fly your puppy to you, as we like to find the most direct flights).
  • We charge $250 for crate, veterinarian health certificate and transport to Spokane International Airport (1.5 hour/70mile drive, one way), plus the cost of airfare, which varies by airline, but is typically around $400. ​​
  • If we need to drive to Seattle to fly a puppy out of SeaTac International Airport the charge will be more for transport (6 hour/350 mile drive, one way).

Ready for a Sporting Doodle of your own?

We Make the Process easy

Step 1: Complete our quick and easy Puppy Application online.

Step 2: We will call you to discuss your puppy once we receive and review your application.

Step 3: When you are ready to commit, you will need to send us a $500 deposit to reserve your future puppy. We cannot reserve a puppy without your deposit.

If you want to be notified of current or future litters, please see our updates page, follow us on our Facebook page, or feel free to give us a call every now and then. And if you have any questions, just contact us!