Northwest Sporting Doodles

Health Guarantee Contract

Our Guarantee to You

When you purchase one of our Sporting Doodle puppies, we guarantee that your dog has a clean bill of heath and is free of certain genetic disorders as outlined in this contract so long as you follow our requirements. This contract must be signed by the new owner in order for guarantee to be in effect. Please contact us with any questions. 509-993-6603

N.W. Sporting Doodles Health Guarantee Contract

You have five (5) business days from date of pick up or delivery to take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian for an examination. If your puppy is not taken to a licensed veterinarian within five business days of this purchase date, this health warranty is null and void. (A picture or a copy of the receipt from your veterinarian with their name, address and phone number stating the date, service and name of you and your new puppy will suffice as proof. Please text or email it to us.)

Your dog’s hips are guaranteed per PENN hip guidelines. If you notice a problem and if the dog is female, must not be x-rayed around her heat cycle and must be x-rayed by a radiologist/veterinarian who is certified for the PENN hip method. The dog must not have been bred or injured or older than two years of age at time of PENN hip xray or the guarantee is null. If dog is certified to have hip dysplasia, the owner must submit a copy of the PENN hip report. Your dog’s microchip number must be on file with us. Please submit proof that dog has been spayed or neutered.

​Other Genetic Disorders:
We have a life time guarantee for known to us at the time of this breeding, breed standard genetic disorders that can be tested for by Paw Print Canine Health Check or Embark Genetic testing.
This includes only those disorders that threaten the health of the dog…
This includes only those disorders that are 100% genetic…
This includes only those disorders where environmental factors can be completely ruled-out.

Guarantee depends on positive Identification:
The guarantees above depend on being able to positively identify the dog. The guarantees above are not in effect unless your dog is microchipped and his/her information is on file with us.

This guarantee is VOID if the dog has been bred.

Food: We ask you to feed a no corn, no wheat, no soy high quality, scientifically formulated, balanced puppy food for the first year, such as Purina Pro Plan. Avoid grain free, and avoid vegetarian diets. We currently feed our Sporting Doodle puppies Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy. Typical choices are: salmon, turkey, lamb…. The cost is a bit more, but normally the dog does not require as much and will be healthier in the long run. After one year of age, adjust the protein level of the well balanced food to the level of activity of the dog. We currently feed Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice , No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy to all of our adult dogs. Also don’t forget that a good probiotic, such as Purina FortiFlora, helps to promote healthy digestion as well as a good immune system. ​

This warranty does not include viral or bacterial illnesses, infections, improper bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, Giardia, parasites, worms or Coccidiosis. It also does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury. Our Sporting Doodles are hunting dogs, athletes as well as canine companions that like to swim in lakes and rivers, romp through the woods and fields, roll in, smell, taste and eat dead, foul smelling stuff. Stuff left behind from deer, turkeys, cows, horses, rabbits, chickens… you get the picture…. that being said, we have an aggressive ongoing deworming program for our adult dogs here at Morgan’s Point Ranch, as well as for our new puppies. We use Pyrantel Pamoate for first 6 weeks, then add Fenbendazole (Panacur) after 6 weeks of age. Puppies get dewormed every two weeks until 8 weeks, then we require new owners to follow up with deworming with each set of new shots the puppy gets, and more often if they are exposed to stuff, use your good discretion. We recommend a good flea and tick preventative. Any products you use in this category are not without minimal risks, especially for neuro-toxicity. However, the risk of suffering from a tick borne disease (which can cause death and neuro toxicity) needs to be considered….. If you live or are traveling to an area with heart worms, you will need to speak to your vet about a safe product to use for this as well, way before you go. Also, if your dog will be running through brush and high grasses, consider getting dog goggles like Rex Specs to help protect your canine’s precious eyes from scratches.

We expect you to have chosen a sporting/working dog friendly veterinarian prior to getting your puppy.

As a responsible new owner please make sure you have a secure fenced yard or kennel to run your dog, do not let them out unsupervised.

No Breeding: Please spay/neuter your puppy at about one year of age. No breeding unless you have written permission from us or you are part of our breeding program. Breeding rights are obtained by special agreement /separate contract only to certain established breeders that meet our qualifications with their breeding program. We have worked hard to build our program, we are small but we do take this seriously, please respect this.
There may be an option for you to join our breeding program with your special dog from us… ask us about those details.

If for any reason in the future you are not able to keep your Northwest Sporting Doodle, you will agree to contact us and we will assist in the rehoming process. We do not offer refunds. We understand life changes and priorities change! Thank You!

If a problem is covered by our guarantee: We, Northwest Sporting Doodles, will replace the puppy with another pup from a similar breeding of our choosing, when available.

  • If you notice your dog becoming overweight it is your responsibility to cut the food a little and increase activity… just like children they rely on you to structure their lives, plenty of love (food is not always love)… time spent with them is the greatest gift of love you can give them.
  • A regular feeding/potty schedule and time by themselves in a safe environment is important as well, crate training. We use praise when our dogs go potty, “Good boy, Good girl” and pet / praise them.
  • Set boundaries early on.
    Discourage them from nipping, jumping and tearing things up right from the get go. Just like a child, if you wait too late to discipline you WILL have a troubled dog on your hands.
  • Limit the “treats”, a few pieces of their own food is a great reward.
  • Please avoid rawhide treats/bully sticks (pieces of raw hide can be swallowed and possibly cause a bowel blockage), and brittle cooked bones where small ends/pieces can break off and be swallowed. Be vigilant with soft toys (as they can tear them apart and swallow stuffing causing a blockage). We recommend Nylabone for strong chewers, or hard Kong toys (under supervision), Jolly ball hard plastic with holes and a ball in the middle is a great toy.
  • Please take great care in puppy proofing… very similar to baby proofing your house. Check your floors constantly for dropped medications and small things that a puppy might get ahold of and swallow. Keep electrical cords out of range. Keep sugar free products with xylitol out of reach. Be careful with socks and shoes… a puppy can easily swallow a sock… and other small items.
  • We try to not let our dogs jump down from the truck bed or from high places, this is hard on their developing joints… you will want to help ease them down… or if your dog is elderly, you will want to help them down as well to preserve the mobility.
  • Also normal puppy play is fine and short 10 -20 minute walks, but no running with them until cleared by vet and they are developmentally able to handle it, (think of making a small child run distances for fitness before they are developed enough in the muscles and bones, you wouldn’t normally do it.) Typically after one year of age.
  • When working and training your dog, please keep in mind where they are in their mental and physical development…. start with the simple basics, basic obedience. It is important to expose them regularly to birds if you want them to be your bird hunting companion, keep it fun and short once they catch on to retrieving and giving you the bird. They should be older… at least 9 months to over a year before adding too much pressure for more advanced bird training/ field work, each dog is different, just like children…. too much pressure at the wrong time can be detrimental or vice versa. It is super important to work on basics and developing a relationship and respect with you in order to set you both up for success later.


By signing this contract, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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