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Our Hunting Labradoodles

How does a Northwest Sporting Doodle compare to other hunting breeds? High drive, yet chill, a cool cucumber, has a turn off, hang out switch when not working. Brings to mind a naturally talented, confident Olympian athlete.. perhaps the downhill ski racer type that know their stuff, they may be scholars, they have skills and instincts and are not afraid.
To watch a Northwest Hunting Labradoodle work the scent cone, quartering back and forth when out in the field with you until they stop solid on the bird, or to take a giant leap into the water to retrieve the bird or dummy to you, only to get back out there to catch the scent of another bird to flush, point or retrieve and work with you is pure joy. Each of our Sporting Doodles have our own versatile Morgan’s Point Ranch Pointing Lab heritage.

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A versatile hunting breed

After a day of hunting in the field or water, sporting labradoodles can quickly change gears and change into their classy night on the town outfit and rub elbows with the wine and Jazz crowd, talking to everyone, they are everyone’s friend, they are able to adapt and hang out or adeptly socialize when needed.
They are oozing with humble confidence and they have life skills! They are the non presumptuous, insightful, talented leaders amongst the crowd.

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What is a Sporting Dog?

From American Kennel Club (AKC):

“Breeds in the Sporting Group were bred to assist hunters in the capture and retrieval of feathered game. Retrievers, built for swimming, specialize in waterfowl, while the hunting grounds of setters, spaniels, and pointing breeds are grasslands where quail, pheasant, and other game birds nest.”

Morgan's Point Ranch

Northwest Sporting Doodle's

Frequently Asked Questions

Breed specific Genetic health testing on all breeding dogs and all our labradoodle puppies. We use PawPrint genetics, Canine Health Check and Embark.

Phenotypic tests: Physical examinations by veterinarians (or in some cases specialist veterinarians) and diagnostic tests such as x-rays and ultrasounds. These include OFA Cardiac and OFA Thyroid (for our labradoodles and poodle parents). Physical eye examinations are performed most of the time, however each parent is also screened genetically for the most common eye disorders. PENN hip evaluation (multifaceted radiographic screening method) for hip evaluation, assessing quality of the canine hip and quantitatively measures canine hip joint laxity. The PennHIP method of evaluation is more accurate than the current standard in its ability to predict the onset of osteoarthritis (OA). While the dog is under anesthesia for the hip evaluation, we will typically have their elbows evaluated as well.

Yes! Thank you for your service! We currently offer a $200 discount upon you informing us.

We are small family owned and operated, (not a big network of other breeders and guardian homes). This is our lifestyle, not just a business venture or business model. We are hands on with every part of our operation and our relationship with our dogs and our clients, which is just another way we assure quality! We are experienced, seasoned versatile hunters, breeders, trainers (over 20 years of reputable dog breeding experience and 50 years of dog handling, bird hunting). We consider your ownership of one of our versatile sporting/hunting doodles as a lifetime relationship! We are committed to you and your puppy. We like to work with you! We offer an excellent health guarantee, and our owners are extended family.

 If you or someone you live with has allergies, go for an F1B or Multigenerational Labradoodle. They usually don’t shed as much. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), although some individual dogs may indeed elicit fewer allergy symptoms than others, studies suggest that there is no specific breed ( or mix of breeds) that is truly hypoallergenic. Surprisingly, Labrador retrievers, often regarded as a breed more likely to trigger allergies because of their excessive shedding, had significantly lower allergen levels.

Our foundation dogs are well known high caliber AKC Pointing Labrador Retrievers and athletic Standard Sporting Poodle Retrievers, (the UKC, United Kennel Club, and NHRA, North American Hunting Retriever Association, have always considered the poodle a sporting breed.)

We have had the pleasure of working with many of our F1, F1b and multigenerational Labradoodle offspring, as long as they are started out with the basics, exposed to birds, scent work, recall whistle, puppy walks, and relationship with you, they are quite versatile! Excelling at Upland (pheasant, chukar, quail, grouse) and waterfowl (ducks and geese) with a strong propensity to point! All of our pointing and retrieving dogs need to start out this same way in order to be successful later on in the hunt. They are eager to please and they hunt for you!

We are all about building a relationship with you and your dog. We have a health tested foundation and offer lots of support along the way. To get the most from any dog, especially our Labradoodles, buy them first as a companion and only second as a hunting or sporting dog. They are highly intelligent, sweet natured and all about you and what you are doing. Their hunting, sporting, service ability will depend greatly on their close bonding to you. They need that to develop properly in the field or in whatever type of adventure dog you want them to become.

For a well rounded dog, start with structure and a good obedience program. It is important to expose them to different situations, take them with you in the car as much as you can, crate train them from the beginning, help make them comfortable in various situations, people and other pets.
Here at Morgan’s Point Ranch, each puppy goes through Early Neuro Stimulation from day 3 to day 16, they are exposed to us and our household noises, music, vacuum, our cat, our other house dogs. Once they wean, they go to a specific puppy room where they are safe, they learn not to soil their sleeping area, they are socialized with us and each other, exposed to the recall whistle on their food, and exposed to bird scent. After their first vaccination at around 6 weeks of age, we start on our outdoor puppy walks and start introducing them to basic fun retrieving, and more bird exposure. Once they go home at around 8 weeks of age, it is all about Consistency! Just like a child, boundary setting, a loving relationship, a consistent schedule, and positive reinforcement leads to success. The earlier you can get them exposed to water in a pleasant fun way, the easier it will be for water work later on. Teach them to “whoa”, wait, before eating, this also equates over to hunting success later on.

We tell people it starts with a conversation we have together. Please fill out our basic puppy application online, or jump to the phone call and then fill it out, just for our records. Once we have been able to talk together, interview each other, and get to know if we are a good fit, then the next thing is to send us a $500 deposit via check or credit card. If for some reason we do not produce a puppy for you, your deposit is refundable, or you may move your deposit to another breeding. If puppies have already been born, the deposit is not refundable. The balance is due when you pick up your puppy, or just before we ship your puppy to you, if going by air.
By the way, you are always welcome to arrange to come directly here to visit us and our dogs as well! We love to show you our training grounds and just what we are about. We are not fancy but do love to build a relationship with you!

We love to help you train your own bird dog and are always available for support over the phone. We also have resources we can recommend for self training.
If you are not able to train your own, we do offer bird dog training on a limited basis in the spring and summer months.
Contact us for more information on our month long training programs and on our one on one training sessions with you and your hunting labradoodle from us. We have the ponds, the river, the training grounds, the launchers, the birds, the knowledge and desire to help you and your hunting labradoodle succeed! We love working with our own dogs and people!

Many people come to us directly to pick their puppy up and meet us. Some will drive, road trips are the best with puppies, helps to establish a routine and a bond, which helps with potty and crate training.
Some will fly out, rent a car, and drive home. Some will fly out, rent a car, drive out (about 70 miles) to pick up their puppy and meet us, and drive back to airport and fly home with their puppy. For $100 transport fee, we are happy to meet you at Spokane International Airport with your puppy, for you to fly home with them.
Some puppies will fly pet air cargo, often using Alaska’s Pet Cargo program, or similar program on a few other airlines. We try to pick the most direct flights, sometimes this involves us traveling to Seattle (12 hour round trip drive) to fly your puppy on the most direct flight to you. We typically have you pay the airlines directly at the time of the flight (pet cargo flights are currently around $400 to $500).
We charge a $250 fee for travel to Spokane, crate, veterinarian health certificate. Add $200 more ($450) if we need to drive to Seattle to fly the puppy to you. We will research and book the best flights with the information you give to us.

We feed Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy, Salmon and Rice Formula, No Corn, No wheat, No soy for at least a year. We use pieces of their own food as treats and training tools or pieces of real unseasoned meat.

We recommend a hard sided, roto molded, quality crate such as Ruffland, Intermediate size, with good safety ratings. It is helpful to have an intermediate size wire crate for house training, as well.

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