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Northwest Sporting Doodles Queen Reba of Morgan's Point

Yes, she really is THAT red! When she’s not chasing birds with her sister Maple, Reba loves long car rides and soaking up all the love she can get. She swims like a fish and is a natural retriever. Reba also has an intense pointing instinct. She is from hunting, service and therapy bloodlines and boasts the settled disposition to excel in every situation she is faced with.

Mother: Morgan’s Point Whistling Dixie AKC Number: SR71816904
Father: Filenko’s Copper AKC Number: PR19679203

Weight: 60 pounds     Height: 25 inches     Breed: F1 Hunting Doodle
​Embark Genetic Testing: Negative (no genetic diseases)
PennHips: Right DI= .39 Left DI = .42 No radiographic evidence of OA for either hip
OFA Thyroid: Normal HY-TH815/27F-VPI     OFA Cardiac: Normal HY-BCA3247/27F/P-VPI     OFA Eyes: Clear

Northwest Sporting Doodle's Red Maple of Morgan's Point

Maple shares many of the characteristics of her sister Reba. In fact, they go everywhere together and are best buds. She has an intense point in the field. Maple is a social butterfly and enjoys meeting new people and seeing new places. She is from hunting, service and therapy bloodlines, loves to hunt both upland and waterfowl and has a strong desire to please. Her sweet face could melt the coldest heart.

Mother: Morgan’s Point Whistling Dixie AKC Number: SR71816904
Father: Filenko’s Copper AKC Number: PR19679203

Weight: 60 pounds     Height: 25 inches     Breed: F1 Hunting Doodle
​Embark Genetic Testing: Negative (no genetic diseases)
PennHips: Right DI= .32 Left DI = .31 No radiographic evidence of OA for either hip
OFA Thyroid: Normal HY-TH746/18F-VPI     OFA Cardiac: Normal HY-BCA1774/18F/P-VPI     OFA Eyes: Clear

Northwest Sporting Doodle's Hunt'n Heidi of Morgan's Point

Heidi is the 2022 F1b offspring of Hannah and Rojo! She is the Granddaughter of our super staunch pointing red pointing lab, Morgan’s PT Red Liberty Belle of Sauk River (Libby), and we are seeing much of Libby’s and Hannah’s natural hunting instincts in Heidi!

Super sweet, loves people, loves adventure, loves the water, loves retrieving and LOVES birds! Heidi has an excellent nose, is demonstrating a nice ability to hold steady in the field, and has been a joy to train! We are super excited to be able to breed her back to our other fantastic labradoodle bloodline which hails from strong pointing lab and sporting poodle genetics!

Mother: Northwest Sporting Doodle’s Hunt’n Hannah of Morgan’s Point
Father: Don Rojo El Grande

Weight: 50 pounds     Height: 24 inches     Breed: F1B Hunting Doodle
​Embark Genetic Testing: Pending
PennHips: Pending
OFA Thyroid: Pending     OFA Cardiac: Pending

Retired Breeders

Northwest Sporting Doodle's Hunt'n Hannah of Morgan's Point

Hannah is the poster child of the perfect labradoodle. Imagine a sweet personality, fired up hunting drive, mellow house disposition, gorgeous silhouette, extreme athletic abilities and a strong desire to please all wrapped up into one little dog! That’s what you’ll find in a dog like Hannah. She comes from a long line of hunting and family on both sides and has most certainly proven to be ten-fold of both. Many of Hannah’s F1b offspring are proving to have a nice pointing and prey drive instinct while still retaining a settled pleasing disposition in the house.

Mother: Morgan’s PT Red Liberty Belle of Sauk River AKC: SR68471701
Father: Sir Luke of Leatherstocking AKC: PR12467908

Weight: 50 pounds     Height: 22 inches     Breed: F1 Hunting Labradoodle
​Embark Genetic Testing: Negative (no genetic diseases)     PennHips: No radiographic evidence of OA for either hip Right DI=0.35, Left DI=0.31     OFA Thyroid: Normal HY-TH524/18F-VPI    

Northwest Poodle's Wildflower of Morgan's Point "Jackie Maylee"

We are so blessed to have obtained Jackie Maylee’s bloodline. She hails from a long line of athletic sporting standard poodles. She has passed her health testing with flying colors and is so sweet! She runs like the wind, catches on very quickly and everyone is her friend. Jackie Maylee is beautiful inside and out. She is an excellent retriever.

Weight: 50 pounds     Height: 24 inches     Breed: Standard Poodle AKC #: PR23667401
​Embark Genetic Testing: Clear (no genetic diseases)
PennHips: Right DI : .34 Left DI: .36 no evidence for Osteoarthritis for either hip. OFA Elbow Prelims: Negative for elbow dysplasia     OFA Thyroid: PO-TH5853/19F-VPI No evidence of thyroid disease     OFA Cardiac: PO-BCA2027/12F/P-VPI    OFA Eyes: Normal 

Morgan's Point Red Liberty Belle of Sauk River

Born in 2011, Libby was a pointing lab legend here at Morgan’s Point Ranch. She expresses a fantastic personality and a cunning hunting prowess very similar to grandmother, Strawberry’s nature, only even more athletic. Libby was a joy to train with her intense natural point and mechanical-to-hand retrieving.

Weight: 60 pounds     Height: 24 inches     Breed: Labrador Retriever  AKC #: SR68471701

Libby’s hips have passed the PENN Hip evaluation above the 80th percentile in tightness and no degenerative hip joint disease. Her eyes are CERF clear, PRA/PRCD-normal (by parentage). She is EIC and CNM negative by parentage.

Morgan's Point Whistling Dixie

 Dixie is one of our own Morgan’s Point Ranch Pointing Labs. With a graceful demeanor and an intense natural point she was the perfect combination of her acclaimed Morgan’s Point Ranch parents, Cowboy and Strawberry. She is so beautiful inside and out! Dixie’s a very “classy” dog who loves to hang out with you wherever you go. She is extremely athletic, has a build like her Grandmother, Rosie. She shows the hunting prowness of her father and her mother with a staunch point, intelligence, incredible nose, and a soft, easy going demeanor.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Weight: 68 pounds     Height: 24 inches     Breed: Labrador Retreiver AKC #: SR71816904

CNM and EIC negative via parentage, PENN Hip shows no hip dysplasia and tight hip joints, PRA and PRCD negative, Eyes CERF clear.

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Our Sires & Guest Sires

Active Studs

Don Rojo El Grande

Handsome Rojo is a well proportioned red standard poodle with hunting lineage out of the Deep South. Owned by Tom and Karen Lawrence, Rojo is their faithful k9 companion at home, in the car and in the field. He has never met a stranger; is super sweet, smart and friendly natured. Rojo has excellent retrieving skills, a great nose, is fully health tested and passes our health requirements with flying colors!
Rojo’s offspring have made excellent hunting dogs and are eager to learn!

Weight: 50 pounds     Height: 24 inches     Breed: AKC Registered Standard Poodle PR 23538707
​Embark Genetic Testing: Clear (no genetic diseases)
PennHips: DI .40 and no radiographic evidence for Osteoarthritis for either hip. OFA Elbow Prelims: Negative for elbow dysplasia     OFA Thyroid: Normal/Clear PO-TH5610/13M-VPI     OFA Cardiac: Normal/Clear PO-BCA2101/12M/P-VPI     OFA Eyes: Normal with Breeder Options PO- EYE8536/10M-VPI
Embark Color Testing Results:     e/e: cream/red     B/b: black (Black nose/feet)     D/d: non-dilute

Inquire about Rojo’s stud services (Sperm tests very high motility and high numbers!) Poodle and Doodle Friendly!

Northwest Sporting Doodle's Orion Shines Bright of Morgan's Point

Orion is our 2023 F-1 offspring of our athletic sporting poodle, Jackie Maylee and our own strong pointing, athletic, Morgan’s Red Pointing Lab stud, Cash! He is a joy to train and is catching on very quickly to anything coming his way. He is already a pro at retrieving, swimming, adventuring, antler hunting, and is showing an innate instinct of holding steady on objects of interest, a natural point and an excellent nose. Orion gets along with everyone and everything. He is genetically health tested clear of all current genetic health conditions. His offspring, combined with our other pointing lab labradoodle bloodline will make unprecedented hunting, adventure, healthy and chill multiigeneration companions! Can you tell we are very excited?

Mother: Northwest Poodle’s Wildflower of Morgan’s Point (Jackie Maylee)
Father: Red Cashman of Morgan’s Point

Weight: Pending     Height: Pending     Breed: F-1 Hunting Labradoodle
​Canine Health Check Genetic Testing: Negative (no genetic diseases)
PennHips: Pending
OFA Thyroid: Pending     OFA Cardiac: Pending

Red Cash Man of Morgan's Point

Cash is our Pointing Lab Retriever stud from Morgan’s Red Pointing Lab foundation. He is super sweet-natured, excellent nose, athletic, smart and has taken to training and hunting quite naturally! He has a great Point and loves to retrieve! He is very intuitive and a joy to hang out with! A quick peek at his pedigree shows he comes from the best of the best in bloodline! His pointing lab offspring have been super stars in the field and at home as well!

Weight: 65 pounds    Height: 25 inches    Breed: Labrador Retriever AKC # SS07768906

Cash’s hips are PENN hip evaluated with no evidence of osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. Right DI is 0.26. Left DI is 0.24. Which falls within the tightest 5% of DI’s for the breed (Labrador Retrievers). Embark genetic testing: Clear of everything.

Retired Studs

Briley Custom Line

A combination of athleticism and a desire to please make this stud muffin a true asset to our program. Bred from a long line of quality family, athletic and hunting poodles, Briley’s intelligence is above par on every level!
He likes to spend his days at the local gun club, driving around town, retrieving pheasants or just chilling around the house. His drive for birds and his affectionate personality make him the star of any show he walks in to.

Weight: 46 pounds     Height: 24 inches    Breed: Standard Poodle AKC #: PR19284006

PennHips: No radiographic evidence of OA for either hip      OFA Thyroid: Normal PO-TH3730/12M-VPI
​PawPrint Genetic Panel Results: Degenerative MyelopathyWT/WT: Normal (clear)  Neonatal Encephalopathy with SeizuresWT/WT: Normal (clear)  Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone DegenerationWT/WT: Normal (clear)  Von Willebrand Disease I: Normal (clear)
PawPrint Color Testing Results:  D/D: Non dilute   E/E: Black   KB/ky: No agouti expression allowed (carrier)

Sir Luke of Leatherstocking

Our guest stud, Luke had a laid back personality in the home, but fired up and athletic when retrieving and out in the field. Excellent nose and retrieving skills. Super sweet and chill!

Weight: 50 pounds Height: 23 inches Breed: Standard Poodle. AKC#: PR 12467908

OFA PO-EL1498M33-VPI No evidence of elbow dysplasia, OFA HIp Consensus Report : Good, OFA PO-SA3809/46M-VPI. Sebaceous Adenitis (SA) negative, OFA PO-NES564/45M-VPI Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures (NEwS) Normal, OFA PO-DM370/45M-VPI Degenerative Myelopathy Normal

Thyroid Normal

Wildfire Flaming Arch (Archie)

According to Rebecca, his owner, Archie weighs in about 35 pounds and would be considered Small Standard for size. He is a very sweet natured Red Poodle. Loves his peeps and loves the outdoors. Kind hearted, athletic and plays well with others. Great with kids!

Weight: 35 pounds Height: 22 inches Breed: Standard Poodle AKC #PR20829701

Coat color genetics:  e/e for coat, Carries for parti, phantom, and brown. F/F for furnishings and +/+ for curl.
PawPrint Genetic Results: Degenerative Myelopathy Clear, GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type) Clear, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures Clear, Osteochondrodysplasia Clear, PrA, PRCD Clear
Von Willebrand Disease I Clear
OFA Testing:  Hips: PO-28099G24M-VPI Good, Elbows: PO-EL5213M24-VPI Normal, Patella: PO-PA6397/29M/P-VPI Normal, Cardiac: PO-CA5540/24M/P-VPI Normal, Eyes: PO-EYE4263/38MVPI Normal with breeder options, Thyroid: PO-TH4913/29M-VPI Normal

Filenko's Copper

According to Copper’s owners, he has never met a stranger and gets along with everyone, even babies! Copper is an athlete and is extremely talented in the field with an excellent nose, prey drive, retrieving and water skills.

Breed: Standard Poodle AKC #: PR19679203

Mother: Creekside Red Rose
Creekside Red Rock

Embark DNA Testing is negative for:
Chondrodystrophy and Intervertebral Disc Disease, CDDY/IDD, Type 1 IVVD(FGF4 retrogene-CFA12),  Degenerative Myelopathy,DM (SOD1A), GM2 Gangliosidosis (HEXB, Poodle Variant), Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures, NEWS (ATF2), Osteochondrodysplasia,Skeletal Dwarfism (SLC13A1, Poodle Variant), Progressive Retinal Atrophy, prcd (PRCD Exon 1), Von Willebrand Disease Type 1, vWD (VWF)

Clancy O'Malley from American Hunting Doodles

Per owner, Scott Farrell: “Clancy is one of the sweetest and most affectionate dogs you’ll ever meet. He’s a dog park ambassador, cat and puppy cuddler, as well as a proven hunting dog. He has a tremendous nose fo upland flushing, and has retrieved many ducks from fast moving and frozen waters.”

Weight: 75 pounds    Height: 25inches    Breed: F1B Labradoodle

Coat Color: Apricot

DOB 4/19/2014

Embark DNA tested clear of all genetic diseases and conditions.

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